We have been transformed–and our family has too.

We have been a part of Glad Tidings for over 20 years. During this time, we have seen our church family/community transition and blossom into a true multi-cultural experience, giving a voice to over 50 represented nations on Sunday mornings. We have also seen our missions programs grow, both here in the local community and in the number of missionaries supported on a regular basis overseas.

Glad Tidings is a church committed to growth – not just in numbers or in words or in mission – but in substance. Discipleship is not just a word; it is the focus. GT offers so many classes that have helped us to grow in our personal walk like Financial Peace University, Ultimate Journey, Prophetic Training, Small Group Leadership Training, Perspectives, numerous Bible Studies and prayer groups, and many, many others. Because we avail ourselves of most of the classes offered, we have been transformed in our thinking, in our understanding of the Word, in our abilities to pray, in our behaviors. We have learned how God wants us to live and we’ve learned how to see and love others the way that He sees and loves them. We have learned how to trust Him in the difficult moments and we’ve grown stronger in our relationships with each other and others in our family, neighborhood, and the family of God.

We are growing everyday as we strive to be more like Him through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are being used more and more to help others grow and realize their God-given potential as well. We have also grown in grace, in love, in giving – time, talents, and resources. Guess you could sum up our experience here at GT in one word – GROWTH. We are not the same people we were 20 years ago – we have been transformed and our family is too. To God be the Glory!

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We want to hear how God is bringing real transformation to your life.


Why tell your story?

Our transformation story is the best tool we have to spread the Good News. It is personal, it is real, and it is the thing we know the most about our own experience with God.


Write your story down.

Take some time to sit down, pray, and write out your personal testimony asking the Holy Spirit for help. Writing it down will help you organize your thoughts.


How long should it be?

Your story should be able to be told in 3 minutes or less. This may seem like a challenge but a good story should be engaging and concise. All of Jesus’s parables were this way and we would love to tell stories like Jesus.

Focus on three areas of your life:

  • 1

    Your life before Christ

  • 2

    How you met Christ

  • 3

    The Difference Jesus has made in your life

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